Guess what??  Our pandemic lifestyle doesn’t have to limit our experiences in the world!

In the last few weeks, I’ve attended ‘real time’ events around the world.  Seriously, take a look…

I’ve attended two musical concerts on a hidden houseboat in Amsterdam.  One of them was contemporary music and the other was a jazz performance.  We could ask questions and talk to the musicians.

Then I took part in a tour of a ‘mini horse and donkey therapy farm in Phoenix’.  Once again we spoke to the owner about his animals and program.

Next was a tour of Howth, near Dublin, Ireland.  Our tour guide was Mark, a dynamic local resident and his dog.  The tour was full of amazing scenery and wonderful Irish info, tales and history. Once again, live conversation allowed us to pick his brain about the area.

How do I do this??  I joined a Canadian community called “Bloom”.  They host a terrific range of Zoom LIVE online adventures from all over the world…

• musical concerts to guided tours

• cooking lessons to the secrets of magic

• meditation to astrology AND MORE!

“Bloom is a community for adults over the age of 50 that is first and foremost about friendship. Bloom members (Bloomers) meet one another by attending Online Experiences – unique activities they can do from the comfort of their own home.”

Bloom was created by two Canadian entrepreneurs, Jeremy Dabor and Lucas Samuels.  Between Jeremy’s research with retired people across North America and Lucas’ business & marketing success they founded Bloom. Their mission is to foster new connections and friendships for Boomers as they transition to, and flourish in, the next stage of their lives.

You can join Bloom with a quick sign up on their website.  Look around the site for more info.  You’ll be able to see all the online experiences they have scheduled for the immediate future. There is no fee charged for joining.  A nominal fee is charged for each experience and it’s all handled through Eventbrite, which is reputable and hassle free ticket service.

Bloom’s personal touch and customer service is excellent.  They also send you an ’email postcard’ after each event.  See mine below for the recent tour in Ireland.  As it says, if you reference my name (Lianne Morgan-Sands) when you sign up,  you’ll receive a promo code for a free online experience.

Next month I’m already signed up for 3 events – a panoramic tour of Paris,  a tour of Parisian mural art, and a seminar about the beauty of sign language.  I’m quite excited about each of these events.  Perhaps I might see you there too!!




I originally wrote this post four and a half years ago.  Today I’m sitting at home in ‘self isolation’ because of the COVID19 pandemic.

This morning, I was on a ZOOM call having ‘tea (or coffee)’ with nine people and from Canada, Britain and the United States. I was extolling the benefits of meditation as I have come to love it for the last four and a half years.  If there was ever a time to jump on the ‘meditation bandwagon’ this is it.

And I have to tell you I don’t believe I’d be feeling as upbeat as I do today if I hadn’t been using it for the last 1,610 days, 1000 sessions or 369 hours with an average duration of 14 min each. Without using Headspace on a daily basis, I would not be feeling as grounded as I feel amidst the global chaos.

IMPORTANT NEWS!!  With the global crisis, Headspace now has a free section called “Weathering The Storm” available to everyone.  It’s a super way to try out this brilliant app.  If you like what you see and hear – then you can consider becoming a subscriber after a free trial period. If you do decide to subscribe it’s a $$$$$$ saver and allows up to six people on your family plan (and they don’t have to be just ‘family’).  My husband decided to jump on board with Headspace and with the family plan it’s nearly the same price for 2 people (and up to 6) as it is for a single subscription. 



I love the whole idea of meditation. I believe all the science of meditation. I tried various kinds of meditation. 

BUT I CONFESS that I’ve never got the knack of meditation – UNTIL NOW!!  

Today I just completed day 37 in my ‘Headspace’ journey.  YUP, I’ve actually done 37 days in a row.  I’m hooked on the fifteen minutes a day when I do ‘my headspace’.

Here’s how I ‘lucked’ into this info. I was taking an online business course and the instructor recommended a website called ‘Headspace’. It was that simple!!

I tried out the 10 day ‘free’ for a lifetime trial.  The rest is history – nearly a month later I’m even keener on this program. You can do this anywhere, anytime using your computer, tablet or smartphone. I even did it in a parking lot between meetings.

I love sharing great info and this stuff is the BEST. First of all – check out the ‘Headspace’ website. I highly recommend the free trial. Whadda ya got to lose?




Secondly, if you’re the type that needs more info – click here to see Andy Puddicombe the creator of Headspace doing a TED talk (less than 10 minutes). It will give you a good taste of the philosophy of this meditation practice.

Last but not least click here for a link to a review from the Huffington Post about Headspace.  Very good write-up.


I’m super keen to hear from you about Headspace.  Post below if you decide to try it out.  Then come back and let us know what you thought of it.  It will be great to hear your feedback.





As I planned this blog about BALANCE …

my life was sailing along quite smoothly




BUT THEN – the ‘Elephant’ came down REAL FAST and REAL HARD on my life’s teeter-totter.






I was suddenly jettisoned into Urgent Veterinary Care for Morgan, my very healthy dog.  Less than a month ago he celebrated a vibrant 13 year old birthday.

He’s always been a star in the health department and we’ve  worked diligently with our vet team to implement a preventative approach his entire life.

As I start to write this blog, we’ve just completed three intense days of veterinary care as well as our at home care.  I feel so far ‘out of whack’.  The “Elephant” has truly screwed up any idea of balance in my life right now.


The opening section of this blog was written eight days ago.  I still have a sick dog.  A week ago today we thought euthanasia was the only answer to end his suffering.  A diagnosis still hadn’t been found and his temperature kept skyrocketing despite antibiotics and IV fluids.. He’d just endured another full day at the clinic on the IV. But late that night his temperature began to climb yet again.  Our clinic was closed for the weekend.  We were between a rock and a hard place!!

I contacted my BFF veterinarian of many years (who had been advising on Morgan’s case) and asked if he could do “the deed” the next morning if things continued to worsen. He agreed to help us out.  We awoke in the morning to an even higher temperature. – it appeared the clock had run out for our beloved Morgan!

The phone rang and I heard the voice of my BFF vet.  He proceeded to say that he had just received an email with the results of a specialized blood test that he had requested two days earlier. The results had not arrived by closing time the day before.  Magically they arrived in his inbox that morning.  The results were definitive that it was pancreatitis and now the medication alteration was clearly evident.  When he explained the plan, it all made sense and it made perfect sense to make a simple meds change.  He contacted our pharmacy with the prescription. It took only four hours to see a significant drop in his temperature and four hours later it was in the normal range.  It has stayed stable for the last 5 days.


Now it’s time to circle back to the topic of ‘BALANCE’

As you can imagine the last eleven days have been a roller coaster of emotions, endless details, trips to the vet and the needed care for Morgan.  Through it all, this blog has been in the back of my mind.  What I was planning to write took a total detour.

Instead, I’d like to share a few key ways that I kept myself a bit more in balance through all of this to date.  I hope it will be of value to you, whether NOW or in the FUTURE.

DELEGATE (share the load) – I’m inclined to overload myself with everything in a crisis.  I consciously decided that I had to count on my husband, Roger to share the load of keeping track of the myriad of details we had to monitor for vet updates. By cooperatively taking on this situation, we keep our individual teeter-totters closer to being balanced.  It was a win-win for all three of us!!

ADJUST PRIORITIES (let go of stupid stuff) – I like order in my life such as daily bed making,  tidy kitchen sink and counter area, a simple flow to the daily schedule.  You get the idea.   Well, we’ve had a week of unmade bed,  messy kitchen (until there was no room to function), and not knowing for sure how a day was going to unfold.   When life takes our normal controls away – we have to be prepared to focus on the problem/solution and let the irrelevant crap go by the wayside.  If I hadn’t done that I would have been depressed and increased the stress for myself, my husband and Morgan.

LAUGH, SING AND DANCE (let off steam) – Admittedly this is often best done when you’re alone.  I deliberately sought out comedy sources online or TV to lift my spirits.  But one day,  I was helping out a friend by driving her about (she recently lost her license for health reasons).  The two of us car danced and sang at the top of our voices to my “Be Happy” playlist.  Very therapeutic!!

ALTER YOUR PERSPECTIVE (give yourself space to breathe) –  On several occasions, I consciously escaped the responsibility of it all by leaving my husband in control at home.  I simply ‘got away’ and went to my fav coffee shop to enjoy a Cappucino Slush and chat with the baristas.  It’s my happy place and it worked wonders.  I read a book and relaxed.  It cleared my head and made me smile.  Another time, though my husband offered to run the roads to pick up some meds we needed, I decided to do it myself. I listened to an audiobook, enjoyed the sun and had a short visit with friends who were at the stable where I was headed for the meds. I felt like a new woman when I got back home.

ADMINISTER SELF CARE (be kind to and love yourself) – When you are being sucked dry of your energy, your emotions and your time, you must refuel to keep doing what’s needed.  It’s too easy to feel guilty about taking time to look after yourself.  But that’s nonsense. We all know the drill on an airplane prior to taking off.  In an emergency, put the oxygen mask on first before you help others.  It’s folly to weaken yourself because then you have nothing to give or share.  You must be healthy and strong if you want to actually succeed in helping others and yourself. 

Hopefully the suggestions above can help you when you need it most.  The ups and downs of life cannot be avoided.  So we need to pack our toolkit with tips, tricks, and techniques to get us leveled out and being more balanced and happier overall.

There are three other ‘things’ that are part of my daily routine that help in the BALANCE department. I meditate daily. I started that practice over four years ago.  I use the Headspace App and I love it’s flexibility and scope.  You can try it out for free.  I wouldn’t be without my Headspace.

I also use CBD Hemp oil on a daily basis as well as essential oils.   These both help with sleep, anxiety and a general state of wellness.  Coincidently my favourite essential oil blend is called “Balance”.

If you have any questions or want further info contact me through the comments below and I’ll get back to you.  You can also contact me directly by email.

By all means share ways that you find balance on those days when your teeter-totter goes wonky for you!!




I loved creating my ‘Lifebook’ so much … I did it TWICE!!
(go the end of the blog for my story of ‘doing it’ twice)

Do you want the best life you can create for yourself?    I mean who doesn’t!

Well – have I got something to share with you!!!  I’m flying high right now after finishing my second Lifebook experience.  And I’d love to turn you on to this amazing process too!

Nobody’s life is perfect.  We can all see ways to change.  But change can be scary and off-putting. 

However Lifebook turns change into a creative act.   The process is so intriguing and personally oriented that it struck a chord with me.  I got to create my own version of my own best life.  My Lifebook will be my partner in my life.  It can grow and adapt just as I do.

Here are the best parts of the Lifebook approach:

1) Start by taking their FREE and eye opening Intra-spect Assessment.  You’ll get a full report on your Life Quotient score as well as scores in all twelve of your Individual Life Categories.  It was fascinating to see my scores and the explanation for the categories.    Go ahead and click to get started with the Assessment.

2) After that you’ll be invited to take a FREE Master Class with Jon & Missy Butcher, the creators of the Lifebook system.  Their story is fascinating and very personal.  They began teaching the Lifebook process, in person at live events.  However now, they’ve teamed up with “Mindvalley” to make Lifebook available to help more people.  This move has also greatly reduced the cost of learning about Lifebook.

3) In the Master class you’ll learn about the Lifebook course and how easy it is to do with help from Jon and Missy and the Mindvalley team.  You can work at your own pace, on your own schedule.  You have everything to gain by taking the course.  There’s simply no downside to it.

4) In fact you’ll learn about the full refund policy details if you want to get a refund after completing the course.  This is REAL and they remind you of this right after you’ve ‘graduated’. 

5) Your Lifebook will be unique to you.  It’s YOUR life so you create YOUR very own Lifebook.  It’s impossible for there to be identical Lifebooks in the world.

“Lifebook helps you help yourself”
Jon Butcher

Jon talks about the fact that it’s important to ‘put your oxygen mask on first’  before you help others.  All the airlines make the same speech on every flight all over the world.  It’s not possible to live a full life with great relationships and experiences if we don’t nurture ourselves first and foremost.

You can Google your heart if you want to check out the Lifebook experience and feedback.  Below is a short and powerful video about the Lifebook experience of the the Mindvalley employees. Take a peek and get a feel for yourself.  


NOW – it’s time to circle back to the beginning of this blog…

I said that I’d done the Lifebook process on TWO occasions.  The first time was three years ago. My husband was the ‘official student’, but I looked over his shoulder and did my own thing on MY Lifebook.  It was a fascinating exercise and truly made me sit up and take notice.  I was very proud of my finished creation.

Fast forward to present day and the Lifebook course crossed my path again.  I realized I hadn’t looked at my Lifebook in a while. (NOTE – they recommend an ongoing viewing and updating of your Lifebook to keep it relevant). Well wasn’t I amazed when I read over some pages from my original Lifebook and discovered that I had indeed accomplished some great changes in my life that I had identified over three years ago.  It was apparent that my subconscious was working away for me, despite my lackadaisical consciousness.

It made me realize that I could refocus myself to my Lifebook. By creatively updating my Lifebook I would change my energies for a more elevated life.  I’m thrilled that I’ve completed it a second time. I highly recommend this process to everyone who wants to create the best life ever,  for themselves and those they love.

NOTE:  I’m promoting the Lifebook experience and process because I believe in it’s potential to help others create their very own version of change in their lives.  I do not receive any kind of remuneration or personal benefit by informing others of the Lifebook process and value, as I see it.



Please comment below if you too are a ‘Lifebooker’.  I’d love to connect with you.  Those of you who decide to take the plunge – let me know and we can connect.  It’s a gas talking to other ‘Lifebookers’ to share insight, questions and notes.

And by all means share this blog with anyone you know that would be interested in using their own brilliance to create changes in their life.







Have you found the quick and easy road to marital/relationship bliss?

I haven’t but I’d love to know the ‘SECRET’. Is there one??

God knows, I’ve looked for great marriage insights in books, videos, articles, courses, and interviews.  I curate my sources so they’ve all been valuable.  Yet putting it together in a ‘love plan’ (translate – ‘plan of attack’), is daunting.

I heard a CBC interview with Eli Finkel. He’s a professor of social psychology at Northwestern University. He’s also the author of  “The All-or-Nothing Marriage”.  He uses a brilliant video called “The 3 Minute History of Marriage in America” to set the stage for his ideas in presentations.

Here it is – ONLY 3 minutes long, so click now and then come back for more…..

SOOOOOO – the good news is that we can have (or create) the best marriages/relatioships ever.  A marriage that our grandparents and parents could never imagine.

To give you a peek into Eli’s book and ideas – I’m sharing a couple of links.  Google your heart out if you’re hooked and want more info – there’s a lot out there.

The link below is for the CBC interview (audio attached and printed interview too), where I learned about Eli Finkel’s book.  There’s a short summary of the “LOVE HACKS” to help remedy a marriage/relationship. It’s also loaded with other links too – if you want to head down the rabbit hole:

CLICK HERE to hear Eli’s “love hacks” and CBC interview

If you want more of the ‘hard science” experiments that led to Eli’s ideas and books, you’ll want to click on the link below:

CLICK HERE – for video presentation by Eli Finkel with interesting facts (Note – the 3 Minute History of Marriage video is part of this, so zip ahead if you want)

I have “The All-or-Nothing Marriage” on my wish list.  I haven’t read it yet – but will.  If you have – please share your review in the comments below.  Also, please share any marriage/relationship magic that you’ve learned along your journey.  We can all use a helping hand.


Something exciting is going to happen……

Very, very soon, I’ll be launching my very own blog website called “Curator of Cool”.   The mind map/diagram that you see at the top of this blog (drawn on a large kraft paper bag) is what began my three year journey.   It’s was rough and rugged – but it started to give life to my ideas.

It’s taken a while to happen.  I ask myself WHY it took so long?   Was that absolutely necessary?  Or was I simply dragging my feet, and getting in my own way?

PROCRASTINATION is the formal word for what might have been my problem.  I decided to do a bit of ‘research’ on the subject.  I came across a great article called  “Why Do I Procrastinate? 5 Evil Root Causes And How To Tackle Them”.

The author from “Lifehack” lists the following causes of procrastination.  Time for a wee bit of soul searching on my part.

1. The perfectionist’s fear – I certainly don’t want to produce crap.  And I’m able to make a plan and then adjust course, if needed.  (Working with horses taught me this reality.)  So on this point – I feel I haven’t fallen prey to the fear factor.

2. A dreamer’s lack of action – I can be faulted here.  Great ideas whiz by in my mind all the time.  I can’t possibly act on all of them.  But I found my ideas for the last 3 years often revolved around this blog idea.  It was like sifting for gold nuggets.  Those nuggets would be the core of my blog’s purpose.

3. An overwhelmed avoider – I know the time and process for my blog creation.  I have a partner who can help with all the techie stuff.  We do this kind of work for others within our own business.  So I don’t think this one is a fit for me.

4. The busy bee who lacks prioritization – My life is full and busy.  I also need down time to refuel and refresh. I have my priorities and this blog is strictly a creative, fun project for my own interest.  So I can confess to putting it on the back burner for other concerns.  (I also confess that riding and training my horse 3 times a week is something that is a TOP priority for me.)  BUT, I also have to admit that I didn’t grab every opportunity to dig down and make it all happen faster.

5. The one with shiny object syndrome (distraction-prone). We all have to work on this one.  Smartphones, social media, and television consumption are big problems. I am conscious of this most, but not all the time. In my defense – often there are distractions that pop into my life for a good reason.  I would say that the value of those kinds of distractions will actually help me with the ultimate version of my blog when it launches.


Oh dear – I just got distracted enough writing this blog to see that the Lifehack author has a follow up article that you might want to check out.  It’s called “What Is Procrastination (And the Complete Guide to Stop Procrastinating)”


So what’s my verdict on ‘dragging my feet’ for three years????  HMMMMM – let me gather my thoughts……

I believe that I’ve been “contemplating” not truly “procrastinating”.   I want to be honest here and not simply ‘make excuses’.  Perhaps I’m harsh by telling myself it could/should have happened sooner.

When I drew that original ‘mind map’, it was the germ of an idea.  But there were many steps along the way:
1) Plant that seed to let it germinate.
2) Patiently nurture it till it revealed itself.
3) Hone it for concept clarity.
4) Assemble the components to create the actual vision.
5) Polish to smooth rough edges.
6) Release and let it fly!!!!

Contemplation seems the best word to choose for what was necessary for me, for this project.  Other words, such as reflecting, musing, pondering, deliberating are all possible.  But ‘contemplation’ is the best fit!!

I see contemplation as a positive process with a beginning, a middle and an end.  Procrastination and it’s causes do seem a negative approach.  During the three years I always felt energized, creative and often surprised with the ideas, thoughts, and awakenings that I discovered.

But right now, right here – I am moving to ‘implementation’.  This article is the point at which I cast my blog site out to all of you and the Universe.  The soft launch of “Curator of Cool” will commence the moment this article is posted in our “Good Morning Artsy Life” community.

Please take a look and let me know if you find any glitches.  What do you like?  What don’t you like?  I value all the feedback you can offer.  I’ll use it to makes things even better.  Like everything in life – it’s always a work in progress!

Simply click on the image below and you’ll go straight to ‘Curator of Cool’.  You can also join in and and be a member of the ‘Cool Crew’.  I plan to send the ‘Coolest Stuff’ to my ‘Cool Crew’.




I found a new one to add to my favourites” playlist.

Don’t you love it when you hear a song that makes you feel like you’re surrounded by a rainbow?.  AND it makes you want to sing, dance and SMILE (and maybe even cry)!!

One day a three day winter storm arrived it our area.  It’s supposed to be spring and then – BAM – a dose of winter at its worst. Fortunately the power stayed on.   We needed something to relieve our cabin fever.   Our spirits needed lifting – and Netflix was the place to go.  BINGO!!!!!

“The Greatest Showman’ was finally available for rent.  It’s been on the ‘must see’ list for a while.  What a terrific movie!  It deserved all the great reviews and award nominations. We loved it and you really must see it.  It’s also a great family movie – suitable for everyone.

A HUGE highlight of the movie was the song “This Is Me”.   It won a Golden Globe Award this year.   I was sucked down the online rabbit hole looking for what I wanted to share with you.  I wanted to add some COLOUR to your day.

Here’s what I’ve ‘curated’ just for you:

This first video is a ‘behind the scenes’ of the movie, when the song was being work shopped.  It’s so powerful as you watch Keala Settle sing it for the first time.  You will be drawn into the emotion of all the performers in this video.  Check it out now!


The second video is the official lyric video of the song, as performed in The Greatest Showman.   Click here for that!

Now, if you’re really into it – you want watch a Dance Tutorial video with the ‘movie moves’ to the song.  Click here to get your body movin’.

How does “This Is Me” make you feel?  Can you describe the ‘rainbow feelings’ that washed over you.   The comments section below is waiting to hear from you.  Also what are your song choices that create rainbows for you?  Share the titles and even include a video link so that others can enjoy them too.

Could be whacky, peculiar, funky, weird…..


You’ll find things here
 that don’t fit anywhere else.

AND they caught my eye OR my curiosity!



QUIRKY –  means  out of the ordinary, curious, funky,  unorthodox,  definitely not mainstream!!

This word has always had a fascination for me.  I’ve always been drawn to people who are ‘outside the box’.  I’m curious as all get out about things that are different.

Would you like to explore some ideas and information that isn’t ‘the same old, same old’?   If yes, – then this ‘Quirky’ ring will appeal to you.

When you go outside your comfort zone you learn how to see the world differently.  That helps you live differently and experience amazing things that you might have missed.

I hope you’ll find an element of surprise.  Or it might be a “WOW” factor.  Share your reactions in the comments section for each blog.

Take a peek and see what catches your imagination.  My quirky senses have been well exercised in my life.  My hope is that I spark your quirkiness too.   Oh and please let me hear about any of your quirky interests or suggestions.  I always enjoy a surprise????



Wanna lead a lusty life?

Plus add some joyful zest to your day

True wealth comes from happy health.

Look here for cool ‘health/wealth’

tips and sources.


Lusty means – full of strength and vitality, robust and enthusiastic.

Isn’t this what we all want to enjoy in our health and well being ?  It’s true that if you don’t have your health – then the entire quality of your life will suffer.

You’ll find info here for improving your overall physical, spiritual and mental health.  The materials I curate for you are holistic in their nature.  You won’t find medical advice here.  You won’t find weight loss or cosmetic fixes that are simply external.  Instead you’ll find information and resources to create your own desires for your healthy lifestyle.

Good health is an INSIDE job.  We’re all capable of finding our inner glow .  We can each find our own path to give us the life balance we crave.

During my life journey I have learned a lot in this area through my own experience with my health as well as the health and well being of my animals.  Our physiology is the same and my veterinarians and alternate health professionals have given me a healthy way of looking at and living my life

I hope you find some answers here that spark your healthy desires.  I also welcome your questions, your interests and your suggestions.


Are animals a love or passion for you?

Then you’re in the right place.

Check out some appealing goodies here.

It will feel as good as a

belly rub for a dog!!


Are you a ‘fan of the furries?

Then you’re in the right spot!

My first friend in the whole world was a dog called ‘Joker’. My parents were confirmed ‘animal lovers’.  They had a dog first and then they added me.l. So he was my first BFF!

For so many of us, our animals are part of the family.  My animal experience is with dogs, cats and horses.   But I love hearing animal info and stories of all kinds.  So expect to find a variety of animal goodies here.

Let’s face it. regardless of the species, animals are magical in so many ways:
     • They are the best teachers in the world
     • Their patience is enviable
     • Their tolerance is saintly
     • Their simplicity and kindness is inspiring
     • And of course their sense of humour