Here’s a way to have some “Blooming” Fun

Guess what??  Our pandemic lifestyle doesn’t have to limit our experiences in the world! In the last few weeks, I’ve attended ‘real time’ events around the world.  Seriously, take a look… I’ve attended two musical concerts on a hidden houseboat in Amsterdam.  One of them was contemporary music and the other was a jazz performance.  […]

EUREKA – Meditation that can actually be FUN!

    I originally wrote this post four and a half years ago.  Today I’m sitting at home in ‘self isolation’ because of the COVID19 pandemic. This morning, I was on a ZOOM call having ‘tea (or coffee)’ with nine people and from Canada, Britain and the United States. I was extolling the benefits of […]

OUCH!! My butt just got whacked by the tee-totter of life

  As I planned this blog about BALANCE … my life was sailing along quite smoothly       BUT THEN – the ‘Elephant’ came down REAL FAST and REAL HARD on my life’s teeter-totter.           I was suddenly jettisoned into Urgent Veterinary Care for Morgan, my very healthy dog.  Less […]

How to inspire yourself with your own brilliance

  I loved creating my ‘Lifebook’ so much … I did it TWICE!! (go the end of the blog for my story of ‘doing it’ twice) Do you want the best life you can create for yourself?    I mean who doesn’t! Well – have I got something to share with you!!!  I’m flying high right […]

Can ‘Love Hacks’ spice up my marriage/relationship?

Have you found the quick and easy road to marital/relationship bliss? I haven’t but I’d love to know the ‘SECRET’. Is there one?? God knows, I’ve looked for great marriage insights in books, videos, articles, courses, and interviews.  I curate my sources so they’ve all been valuable.  Yet putting it together in a ‘love plan’ (translate […]

Holy Crap! Have I been ‘dragging my feet’ for three years??

Something exciting is going to happen…… Very, very soon, I’ll be launching my very own blog website called “Curator of Cool”.   The mind map/diagram that you see at the top of this blog (drawn on a large kraft paper bag) is what began my three year journey.   It’s was rough and rugged – […]

What’s a rainbow creating song for you??

  I found a new one to add to my favourites” playlist. Don’t you love it when you hear a song that makes you feel like you’re surrounded by a rainbow?.  AND it makes you want to sing, dance and SMILE (and maybe even cry)!! One day a three day winter storm arrived it our […]

“Quirky Corner” one stop shopping for whacky, weird, and WONDERFUL

Could be whacky, peculiar, funky, weird….. 
 You’ll find things here
 that don’t fit anywhere else. AND they caught my eye OR my curiosity!     QUIRKY –  means  out of the ordinary, curious, funky,  unorthodox,  definitely not mainstream!! This word has always had a fascination for me.  I’ve always been drawn to […]

“Lusty Living” is where to grab ‘life hacks’ that grab your fancy!

  Wanna lead a lusty life?
 Plus add some joyful zest to your day True wealth comes from happy health. 

Look here for cool ‘health/wealth’
 tips and sources.   Lusty means – full of strength and vitality, robust and enthusiastic. Isn’t this what we all want to enjoy in our health and well being ?  […]

“Bestie Beasties” is where to get your ‘furry fix’ for the day

Are animals a love or passion for you?
 Then you’re in the right place.
 Check out some appealing goodies here. It will feel as good as a 
belly rub for a dog!!   Are you a ‘fan of the furries? Then you’re in the right spot! My first friend in the whole world was a […]