Holy Crap! Have I been ‘dragging my feet’ for three years??

Holy Crap! Have I been ‘dragging my feet’ for three years??

Something exciting is going to happen……

Very, very soon, I’ll be launching my very own blog website called “Curator of Cool”.   The mind map/diagram that you see at the top of this blog (drawn on a large kraft paper bag) is what began my three year journey.   It’s was rough and rugged – but it started to give life to my ideas.

It’s taken a while to happen.  I ask myself WHY it took so long?   Was that absolutely necessary?  Or was I simply dragging my feet, and getting in my own way?

PROCRASTINATION is the formal word for what might have been my problem.  I decided to do a bit of ‘research’ on the subject.  I came across a great article called  “Why Do I Procrastinate? 5 Evil Root Causes And How To Tackle Them”.

The author from “Lifehack” lists the following causes of procrastination.  Time for a wee bit of soul searching on my part.

1. The perfectionist’s fear – I certainly don’t want to produce crap.  And I’m able to make a plan and then adjust course, if needed.  (Working with horses taught me this reality.)  So on this point – I feel I haven’t fallen prey to the fear factor.

2. A dreamer’s lack of action – I can be faulted here.  Great ideas whiz by in my mind all the time.  I can’t possibly act on all of them.  But I found my ideas for the last 3 years often revolved around this blog idea.  It was like sifting for gold nuggets.  Those nuggets would be the core of my blog’s purpose.

3. An overwhelmed avoider – I know the time and process for my blog creation.  I have a partner who can help with all the techie stuff.  We do this kind of work for others within our own business.  So I don’t think this one is a fit for me.

4. The busy bee who lacks prioritization – My life is full and busy.  I also need down time to refuel and refresh. I have my priorities and this blog is strictly a creative, fun project for my own interest.  So I can confess to putting it on the back burner for other concerns.  (I also confess that riding and training my horse 3 times a week is something that is a TOP priority for me.)  BUT, I also have to admit that I didn’t grab every opportunity to dig down and make it all happen faster.

5. The one with shiny object syndrome (distraction-prone). We all have to work on this one.  Smartphones, social media, and television consumption are big problems. I am conscious of this most, but not all the time. In my defense – often there are distractions that pop into my life for a good reason.  I would say that the value of those kinds of distractions will actually help me with the ultimate version of my blog when it launches.


Oh dear – I just got distracted enough writing this blog to see that the Lifehack author has a follow up article that you might want to check out.  It’s called “What Is Procrastination (And the Complete Guide to Stop Procrastinating)”


So what’s my verdict on ‘dragging my feet’ for three years????  HMMMMM – let me gather my thoughts……

I believe that I’ve been “contemplating” not truly “procrastinating”.   I want to be honest here and not simply ‘make excuses’.  Perhaps I’m harsh by telling myself it could/should have happened sooner.

When I drew that original ‘mind map’, it was the germ of an idea.  But there were many steps along the way:
1) Plant that seed to let it germinate.
2) Patiently nurture it till it revealed itself.
3) Hone it for concept clarity.
4) Assemble the components to create the actual vision.
5) Polish to smooth rough edges.
6) Release and let it fly!!!!

Contemplation seems the best word to choose for what was necessary for me, for this project.  Other words, such as reflecting, musing, pondering, deliberating are all possible.  But ‘contemplation’ is the best fit!!

I see contemplation as a positive process with a beginning, a middle and an end.  Procrastination and it’s causes do seem a negative approach.  During the three years I always felt energized, creative and often surprised with the ideas, thoughts, and awakenings that I discovered.

But right now, right here – I am moving to ‘implementation’.  This article is the point at which I cast my blog site out to all of you and the Universe.  The soft launch of “Curator of Cool” will commence the moment this article is posted in our “Good Morning Artsy Life” community.

Please take a look and let me know if you find any glitches.  What do you like?  What don’t you like?  I value all the feedback you can offer.  I’ll use it to makes things even better.  Like everything in life – it’s always a work in progress!

Simply click on the image below and you’ll go straight to ‘Curator of Cool’.  You can also join in and and be a member of the ‘Cool Crew’.  I plan to send the ‘Coolest Stuff’ to my ‘Cool Crew’.



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