OUCH!! My butt just got whacked by the tee-totter of life

OUCH!! My butt just got whacked by the tee-totter of life


As I planned this blog about BALANCE …

my life was sailing along quite smoothly




BUT THEN – the ‘Elephant’ came down REAL FAST and REAL HARD on my life’s teeter-totter.






I was suddenly jettisoned into Urgent Veterinary Care for Morgan, my very healthy dog.  Less than a month ago he celebrated a vibrant 13 year old birthday.

He’s always been a star in the health department and we’ve  worked diligently with our vet team to implement a preventative approach his entire life.

As I start to write this blog, we’ve just completed three intense days of veterinary care as well as our at home care.  I feel so far ‘out of whack’.  The “Elephant” has truly screwed up any idea of balance in my life right now.


The opening section of this blog was written eight days ago.  I still have a sick dog.  A week ago today we thought euthanasia was the only answer to end his suffering.  A diagnosis still hadn’t been found and his temperature kept skyrocketing despite antibiotics and IV fluids.. He’d just endured another full day at the clinic on the IV. But late that night his temperature began to climb yet again.  Our clinic was closed for the weekend.  We were between a rock and a hard place!!

I contacted my BFF veterinarian of many years (who had been advising on Morgan’s case) and asked if he could do “the deed” the next morning if things continued to worsen. He agreed to help us out.  We awoke in the morning to an even higher temperature. – it appeared the clock had run out for our beloved Morgan!

The phone rang and I heard the voice of my BFF vet.  He proceeded to say that he had just received an email with the results of a specialized blood test that he had requested two days earlier. The results had not arrived by closing time the day before.  Magically they arrived in his inbox that morning.  The results were definitive that it was pancreatitis and now the medication alteration was clearly evident.  When he explained the plan, it all made sense and it made perfect sense to make a simple meds change.  He contacted our pharmacy with the prescription. It took only four hours to see a significant drop in his temperature and four hours later it was in the normal range.  It has stayed stable for the last 5 days.


Now it’s time to circle back to the topic of ‘BALANCE’

As you can imagine the last eleven days have been a roller coaster of emotions, endless details, trips to the vet and the needed care for Morgan.  Through it all, this blog has been in the back of my mind.  What I was planning to write took a total detour.

Instead, I’d like to share a few key ways that I kept myself a bit more in balance through all of this to date.  I hope it will be of value to you, whether NOW or in the FUTURE.

DELEGATE (share the load) – I’m inclined to overload myself with everything in a crisis.  I consciously decided that I had to count on my husband, Roger to share the load of keeping track of the myriad of details we had to monitor for vet updates. By cooperatively taking on this situation, we keep our individual teeter-totters closer to being balanced.  It was a win-win for all three of us!!

ADJUST PRIORITIES (let go of stupid stuff) – I like order in my life such as daily bed making,  tidy kitchen sink and counter area, a simple flow to the daily schedule.  You get the idea.   Well, we’ve had a week of unmade bed,  messy kitchen (until there was no room to function), and not knowing for sure how a day was going to unfold.   When life takes our normal controls away – we have to be prepared to focus on the problem/solution and let the irrelevant crap go by the wayside.  If I hadn’t done that I would have been depressed and increased the stress for myself, my husband and Morgan.

LAUGH, SING AND DANCE (let off steam) – Admittedly this is often best done when you’re alone.  I deliberately sought out comedy sources online or TV to lift my spirits.  But one day,  I was helping out a friend by driving her about (she recently lost her license for health reasons).  The two of us car danced and sang at the top of our voices to my “Be Happy” playlist.  Very therapeutic!!

ALTER YOUR PERSPECTIVE (give yourself space to breathe) –  On several occasions, I consciously escaped the responsibility of it all by leaving my husband in control at home.  I simply ‘got away’ and went to my fav coffee shop to enjoy a Cappucino Slush and chat with the baristas.  It’s my happy place and it worked wonders.  I read a book and relaxed.  It cleared my head and made me smile.  Another time, though my husband offered to run the roads to pick up some meds we needed, I decided to do it myself. I listened to an audiobook, enjoyed the sun and had a short visit with friends who were at the stable where I was headed for the meds. I felt like a new woman when I got back home.

ADMINISTER SELF CARE (be kind to and love yourself) – When you are being sucked dry of your energy, your emotions and your time, you must refuel to keep doing what’s needed.  It’s too easy to feel guilty about taking time to look after yourself.  But that’s nonsense. We all know the drill on an airplane prior to taking off.  In an emergency, put the oxygen mask on first before you help others.  It’s folly to weaken yourself because then you have nothing to give or share.  You must be healthy and strong if you want to actually succeed in helping others and yourself. 

Hopefully the suggestions above can help you when you need it most.  The ups and downs of life cannot be avoided.  So we need to pack our toolkit with tips, tricks, and techniques to get us leveled out and being more balanced and happier overall.

There are three other ‘things’ that are part of my daily routine that help in the BALANCE department. I meditate daily. I started that practice over four years ago.  I use the Headspace App and I love it’s flexibility and scope.  You can try it out for free.  I wouldn’t be without my Headspace.

I also use CBD Hemp oil on a daily basis as well as essential oils.   These both help with sleep, anxiety and a general state of wellness.  Coincidently my favourite essential oil blend is called “Balance”.

If you have any questions or want further info contact me through the comments below and I’ll get back to you.  You can also contact me directly by email.

By all means share ways that you find balance on those days when your teeter-totter goes wonky for you!!



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