Here’s a way to have some “Blooming” Fun

Here’s a way to have some “Blooming” Fun

Guess what??  Our pandemic lifestyle doesn’t have to limit our experiences in the world!

In the last few weeks, I’ve attended ‘real time’ events around the world.  Seriously, take a look…

I’ve attended two musical concerts on a hidden houseboat in Amsterdam.  One of them was contemporary music and the other was a jazz performance.  We could ask questions and talk to the musicians.

Then I took part in a tour of a ‘mini horse and donkey therapy farm in Phoenix’.  Once again we spoke to the owner about his animals and program.

Next was a tour of Howth, near Dublin, Ireland.  Our tour guide was Mark, a dynamic local resident and his dog.  The tour was full of amazing scenery and wonderful Irish info, tales and history. Once again, live conversation allowed us to pick his brain about the area.

How do I do this??  I joined a Canadian community called “Bloom”.  They host a terrific range of Zoom LIVE online adventures from all over the world…

• musical concerts to guided tours

• cooking lessons to the secrets of magic

• meditation to astrology AND MORE!

“Bloom is a community for adults over the age of 50 that is first and foremost about friendship. Bloom members (Bloomers) meet one another by attending Online Experiences – unique activities they can do from the comfort of their own home.”

Bloom was created by two Canadian entrepreneurs, Jeremy Dabor and Lucas Samuels.  Between Jeremy’s research with retired people across North America and Lucas’ business & marketing success they founded Bloom. Their mission is to foster new connections and friendships for Boomers as they transition to, and flourish in, the next stage of their lives.

You can join Bloom with a quick sign up on their website.  Look around the site for more info.  You’ll be able to see all the online experiences they have scheduled for the immediate future. There is no fee charged for joining.  A nominal fee is charged for each experience and it’s all handled through Eventbrite, which is reputable and hassle free ticket service.

Bloom’s personal touch and customer service is excellent.  They also send you an ’email postcard’ after each event.  See mine below for the recent tour in Ireland.  As it says, if you reference my name (Lianne Morgan-Sands) when you sign up,  you’ll receive a promo code for a free online experience.

Next month I’m already signed up for 3 events – a panoramic tour of Paris,  a tour of Parisian mural art, and a seminar about the beauty of sign language.  I’m quite excited about each of these events.  Perhaps I might see you there too!!


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