EUREKA – Meditation that can actually be FUN!

EUREKA – Meditation that can actually be FUN!



I originally wrote this post four and a half years ago.  Today I’m sitting at home in ‘self isolation’ because of the COVID19 pandemic.

This morning, I was on a ZOOM call having ‘tea (or coffee)’ with nine people and from Canada, Britain and the United States. I was extolling the benefits of meditation as I have come to love it for the last four and a half years.  If there was ever a time to jump on the ‘meditation bandwagon’ this is it.

And I have to tell you I don’t believe I’d be feeling as upbeat as I do today if I hadn’t been using it for the last 1,610 days, 1000 sessions or 369 hours with an average duration of 14 min each. Without using Headspace on a daily basis, I would not be feeling as grounded as I feel amidst the global chaos.

IMPORTANT NEWS!!  With the global crisis, Headspace now has a free section called “Weathering The Storm” available to everyone.  It’s a super way to try out this brilliant app.  If you like what you see and hear – then you can consider becoming a subscriber after a free trial period. If you do decide to subscribe it’s a $$$$$$ saver and allows up to six people on your family plan (and they don’t have to be just ‘family’).  My husband decided to jump on board with Headspace and with the family plan it’s nearly the same price for 2 people (and up to 6) as it is for a single subscription. 



I love the whole idea of meditation. I believe all the science of meditation. I tried various kinds of meditation. 

BUT I CONFESS that I’ve never got the knack of meditation – UNTIL NOW!!  

Today I just completed day 37 in my ‘Headspace’ journey.  YUP, I’ve actually done 37 days in a row.  I’m hooked on the fifteen minutes a day when I do ‘my headspace’.

Here’s how I ‘lucked’ into this info. I was taking an online business course and the instructor recommended a website called ‘Headspace’. It was that simple!!

I tried out the 10 day ‘free’ for a lifetime trial.  The rest is history – nearly a month later I’m even keener on this program. You can do this anywhere, anytime using your computer, tablet or smartphone. I even did it in a parking lot between meetings.

I love sharing great info and this stuff is the BEST. First of all – check out the ‘Headspace’ website. I highly recommend the free trial. Whadda ya got to lose?




Secondly, if you’re the type that needs more info – click here to see Andy Puddicombe the creator of Headspace doing a TED talk (less than 10 minutes). It will give you a good taste of the philosophy of this meditation practice.

Last but not least click here for a link to a review from the Huffington Post about Headspace.  Very good write-up.


I’m super keen to hear from you about Headspace.  Post below if you decide to try it out.  Then come back and let us know what you thought of it.  It will be great to hear your feedback.




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