What’s a rainbow creating song for you??

What’s a rainbow creating song for you??


I found a new one to add to my favourites” playlist.

Don’t you love it when you hear a song that makes you feel like you’re surrounded by a rainbow?.  AND it makes you want to sing, dance and SMILE (and maybe even cry)!!

One day a three day winter storm arrived it our area.  It’s supposed to be spring and then – BAM – a dose of winter at its worst. Fortunately the power stayed on.   We needed something to relieve our cabin fever.   Our spirits needed lifting – and Netflix was the place to go.  BINGO!!!!!

“The Greatest Showman’ was finally available for rent.  It’s been on the ‘must see’ list for a while.  What a terrific movie!  It deserved all the great reviews and award nominations. We loved it and you really must see it.  It’s also a great family movie – suitable for everyone.

A HUGE highlight of the movie was the song “This Is Me”.   It won a Golden Globe Award this year.   I was sucked down the online rabbit hole looking for what I wanted to share with you.  I wanted to add some COLOUR to your day.

Here’s what I’ve ‘curated’ just for you:

This first video is a ‘behind the scenes’ of the movie, when the song was being work shopped.  It’s so powerful as you watch Keala Settle sing it for the first time.  You will be drawn into the emotion of all the performers in this video.  Check it out now!


The second video is the official lyric video of the song, as performed in The Greatest Showman.   Click here for that!

Now, if you’re really into it – you want watch a Dance Tutorial video with the ‘movie moves’ to the song.  Click here to get your body movin’.

How does “This Is Me” make you feel?  Can you describe the ‘rainbow feelings’ that washed over you.   The comments section below is waiting to hear from you.  Also what are your song choices that create rainbows for you?  Share the titles and even include a video link so that others can enjoy them too.

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