I’ve NEVER seen anything like this!!

I’ve NEVER seen anything like this!!


When I saw this amazing video – it took my breath away
(watch and you’ll see why)

Thank goodness for  the internet and social media or else I’d have never seen it.

We may all complain and curse our addiction to the ‘small screen’.   BUT – when something marvelous grabs your attention, we know why we’re glad we have this global internet that serves up wonderful things before our eyes.

Take a look at the video using the links below.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The two still photographs in the blog are meant to intrigue you, but they don’t do justice to the actual video.  

You may look at the two photos and think… “HMMMMM, interesting – something looks a little weird, but I can’t put my finger on it”

Here’s another teaser for what you are about to see…..


Filmed in the world’s deepest pool in Venice, Italy

the captivating underwater dance is dedicated

“to all the women of the world.”

Drum Roll – without further ado – click here to see this stunning video (or you can click on the image below)


PLEASE, PLEASE – post your feedback after seeing this video.  What DID YOU THINK?  Also -pass it on to others through the links below.  You can do it on Facebook, by email, Twitter or Pinterest.   I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t be impressed by this underwater creation.

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