I’m ‘Over the Moon’ about this Terrific Book…

I’m ‘Over the Moon’ about this Terrific Book…


I’m a confessed book addict.  Have been since I was a kid!

I started school in a small French village near Paris – so the ‘French thing’ always feels cozy to me. In fact, when I came back to Canada I was bilingual in speech but could not write English.

In 2007,  my husband and I spent a week in Paris.  I loved it there.

Here I am dancing with a Rodin in the Musée Rodin Sculpture Garden in Paris.  He was a terrific partner!!

I search for books that revolve around the “French/Paris” thing.

I’ve found many terrific ones – but my latest find has me “OVER THE MOON”



Drum Roll ……
It’s called ‘The Little Paris Bookshop”.

I originally discovered it as an audiobook from the Audible Website.  It’s so good that I am listening to it again with my husband.  He too loves the book – so it’s not just a ‘chic book’.

That being said – I’ve bought the actual book too.  I want to savour the writing as I read it.  It truly is that good.  I’m making notes in the book and writing the time location on the audiobook version so I can hear the wonderful narration for favourite passages.  Oh Yeah – I’m hooked!!

Here’s a brief summary of the storyline:
Jean Perdu owns “The Literary Apothecary”, a floating bookstore on a barge on the Seine River. He is a master at ‘prescribing’ the right novel for the right reader. With his intuition, Perdu helps his clients mend their broken hearts and souls.  But it seems he’s unable to heal himself.  The great love of his life disappeared many years ago. He is still haunted by her loss.  Although she left him a letter, he has never dared to open it.

Nina George’s writing and plot is brilliant.  The characters pop right off the pages.  It stirred my emotions in so many wonderful directions.  I hope that it becomes a movie someday.  (Even though we book readers all know that the book is always better).

I recommend this book so highly.   Whether you want to be a listener (try Audible) or a reader (try Amazon) I suggest you give this book a shot.   I’ll be ordering more copies to put under the Christmas tree this year too!

Please note: (By the way, if you click on the Audible book link above, you will qualify for a free trial membership for Audible, unless you are already a member.  This is my gift to you and I will receive a small remuneration for any future purchases you make)

Do you listen to, as well as read books?  What are your favourites?.  If you’ve read this book already – do let us know what you thought of it .  I love to hear from you readers in the comments section below.  You can share this blog with fellow book lovers too!



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