Are you the slave or master of your smartphone?

Are you the slave or master of your smartphone?


Is your smartphone a tool that makes your life better?


Has your smartphone turned you into a ‘tool’ at it’s beckoning?

Our love of technology is a paradox.  It has enhanced our lives in many ways.  But it has also confounded our lives.  It’s like a demented toy that’s got its hooks into you.

It’s unthinkable to leave the house without it.  We’re always at the beck and call of others, as long as it’s by our side.  And then there are all the apps, the social media, the games.  Distractions, distractions, distractions!!

How much have we been sucked into a smartphone vortex?  I decided to do a bit of research and discovered some cool stuff.

I’ve curated three videos that you’ll love.

As I watched them – this is what happened…

  • I LAUGHED  (and squirmed a bit too)
  • I was SURPRISED at some of the info
  • I was EMBARRASSED about a few of my habits
  • I was INSPIRED to change a few of my habits

Here they are – pick your poison (so to speak)

#1 – Smartphone Addict – the shortest and the funniest!   Only 42 sec. long

#2 – How is Your Phone Changing You?  – great graphics, simple and fun.
Only 3 min 11 sec long

#3 Why Our Screens Make Us Less Happy – TED Talk: – insightful, good info, humourous, good ideas.
Only 9 min 20 sec long

Watching all three is a great idea.  They go together quite nicely.  If you check them all out – you’ll know which one to share with the smartphone addict(s) in your life.

Please, share this blog with others.  You can use the share buttons below.  Or you can copy the URL from your browser and email or text it to your bestie, grandkids or partner.  It’s a light-hearted way to get the message out there.

All of us have something to learn here.  Take a step at a time.  Be the MASTER of your smartphone!!

Please share your comments below. I’d love to hear which one you liked best.  Also share your own ideas that keep your smartphone tamed in your life.

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