Is There a Magic Formula for Happiness?

Is There a Magic Formula for Happiness?



Is there a magic formula for being HAPPY?

Well, 1200 Yale students think they’ve found the answer.

These students have made a class called “Psychology and the Good Life” one of the most popular classes ever at the University. Psychology professor Dr. Laurie Santos teaches this unique class.  She says….

“The hope is that teaching students the right way to spend their time,
and the right things to worry about,
and the right things to focus on
might actually shift things around.”

Here’s the BEST PART.  Because of the popularity of the class, it has been made publicly available — for free – on the website Coursera.  They have renamed the course “The Science of Well-Being”.

I heard about this course on a CBC radio interview with Dr. Santos.  By clicking on this link – you’ll be able to listen to the interview or you can read the transcript. 

It’s totally true – the course is for free.  I enrolled and have completed the first week’s videos and checked out the resources offered.  They are super interesting and easy to access.  You can also work at your own pace. There’s even a cool APP if you want to use. it.

The free version is scaled down from the full Yale course – but it’s still chock-a-block full of  ‘good stuff’.  If you want to receive a certificate from Yale for completing the course you can pay an additional fee. 

The course is VERY user-friendly.  It’s presented simply and casually – you won’t be overwhelmed.  It doesn’t feel like sitting in a big university hall.  Actually the huge enrollment of the actual Yale course presented real issues for the administration.  The regular sized lecture halls weren’t big enough and more support staff were needed to assist the students in the course.

So take advantage of this super opportunity.  I’m starting Week 2 tomorrow and looking forward to it.

As a reward for reading to the end of this blog – click on the photo below and prepare to get ‘HAPPY’.

Then sign up for the course.

Let’s keep a head count of who wants to ‘get happy’.   When you sign up for the course – leave a comment saying “I’m into Happy”.  You can add more if you’d like – we always like hearing what you have to say.  PLEASE share this blog with all the special folks in your life.

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