Your smartphone is ruining your sex life, says renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth

Your smartphone is ruining your sex life, says renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth

Who doesn’t remember “Dr. Ruth”?

Globally respected sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer began her career in the 1980s.

Her on-air style was revolutionary and at the forefront of open talk about sex.  Her unique voice and accent is immediately recognizable and made her famous.

“I had what’s called in Hebrew chutzpah — which means nerve — to really talk openly about things that people did not talk about.”

Recently she spoke with Anna Maria Tremonti on CBC radio. Such a fascinating woman and her story is compelling.  She spoke of her early life living in wartime Germany under the Nazi Regime as well as her longtime career.

Here’s a short clip from the interview when Dr. Ruth spoke about our overuse of electronic devices, especially the ever present smartphone.   Click here or on the image below to hear her comments:

The complete interview was really interesting.  If you want to hear the full CBC interview, simply ciick here.  (HINT – I listen to tons of good stuff while I’m working away in the kitchen – that’s how I heard this interview.)

A new documentary is being released about Dr. Ruth’s life.  It’s been receiving a lot of great reviews.

The movie “Ask Dr. Ruth” is a Hulu live streaming production.  However, keep your eye out for possible viewings in your area.  My understanding is that you can also sign up for Hulu live streaming service and view it that way.  There is a free trial period available for Hulu.  However if you live in Canada then you will have some other steps to take.  Here’s a website that may offer solutions for you.

Here’s the movie trailer for “Ask Dr. Ruth”.  Check it out for yourself by clicking here or on the image below

Do you have any memories of Dr. Ruth?  How old were you when you first heard of her?  Share your impressions of this outstanding woman and the work that she has dedicated her life to.

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