Who do you hang out with at the office ??

Who do you hang out with at the office ??

I’m a lucky dog – most of the time. But they don’t pay me and it turns out they should.

You see, just about every day I work with my folks.   It turns out that pets reduce stress and increase productivity in the workplace.  My people work at home – they always have.

I overheard them talking the other day about an interesting article explaining that animals are being ’employed’ more often in workplaces.  I know that my veterinarian’s office has a working cat to calm the staff and patients.  He seems to do a pretty good job.  But even at big companies like Google – it’s commonplace to take your dog to work.

I’m not the only pet on duty here.  My two sibling cats, Talli and Suki are also employed.  I guess though we don’t get pay – we get room, board and treats.  Not bad!

Here’s Talli ‘on the job’.  She’s responsible for calming one of my humans every day while he works away at his computer.  It’s a tough gig – but it’s her job.

Sometimes you hear him complain about one handed typing.  But he’s always got a smile on his face.  Although she often knocks papers on the floor when she jumps up on him  He doesn’t smile much then!


Now Talli and I also do a lot of meeting and greeting when folks come to the office to visit. I’m pretty sure they come to see and pet us.  However they do spend a lot of time talking to my humans too.  Go figure!!

So I found this super video all about animals in the workplace – you can check it out by clicking here or on the image below.  You’ll see all kinds of pets and their people ‘on the job’ together.


If you’d prefer to read, rather than watch I also found this article that you can check out. There’s a photo of a pretty cute dog too (though I do think I’m a pretty good looker).

So what do you think about animals being part of the workplace?  Would you like it? Share your thoughts and comments below.  Oh and be sure to share this with all the favourite animal lovers you know.

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  1. I would have loved it if Tess could have come to work with me every day.
    I wouldn’t have to rush home to let her out and she would have been very happy to be with me every day.

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