I’ve been waiting a decade and FINALLY it’s happened!

I’ve been waiting a decade and FINALLY it’s happened!

I’m so freakin’ excited……

I’ve been waiting over a decade for this wonderful news.

Here’s a pic of my first E-reader. I was in heaven.  Then I had to upload my first book.  I was overwhelmed.

Then at the beginning of the long list of choices I saw an intriguing cover of a book called “The Art of Racing in the Rain”.  It was my first electronic book purchase.

What a fabulous story!  Told from the point of view of a dog called Enzo.  I just knew it would make a wonderful movie too.

‘The Art of Racing in the Rain has sold more than 6 million copies world-wide, been translated into 36 languages, and spent more than three years on the New York Times bestseller list. The novel inspired a Young Reader edition as well as four children’s picture books.”

But though there was lots of internet chatter – no film happened.  Then last week I received a newsletter from Garth Stein announcing the movie’s upcoming release.


Garth Stein said in his email “for ten long years, thousands of Enzo fans have believed that my book would make a great story for the silver screen. Now, it’s almost here. The movie will land in more than 2,000 theaters across the US on August 9, 2019. Save the date!”

As you can see from the graphic above, the cover of the book has been updated to reflect the dog who will be ‘Enzo’ in the movie.

Keep an eye out for new releases of the book in all forms.  Right now I’m listening to the Audible audio book version to refresh my memory before I see the movie.

Below you’ll find the link to the movie trailer and also a link to an interview from the Today show with the ‘stars’ of the show.

The male lead is brilliantly cast with Milo Ventimiglia who also plays ‘Jack’ in “This is Us”. The female lead is Amanda Seyfried.  Kevin Costner is the voice of  “Enzo”.

As it says in the movie trailer,
Enzo is “the dog who will show the world how to be human.”


Here’s the fun interview from the Today show.  It’s done on set with all three stars of the movie.   You’ll get a feel for the heart and soul of this story and why it’s sure to become a classic animal movie.   Be still my beating heart – I’m a sucker for all things ‘animal’.

Share this blog with all the animal lovers you know.  Everyone deserves to see this movie.   The book is amazing so be sure and read or listen to it too.  Leave any comments below if you’ve read the book and when you see the movie.  Spread the good vibes.




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