What’s “Snail Mail On Steroids” ??

What’s “Snail Mail On Steroids” ??

Anyone who says or believes that snail mail is dead ,,,,, IS WRONG!!

I love getting REAL mail in my mailbox.   It feels like I’ve received a gift when a card, postcard or letter arrives in my mailbox  (but NOT my ‘inbox’).

We discovered a brilliant way to send stunning high quality cards to the important folks in our lives.  They could be friends, family, clients, or thoughtful colleagues. It’s fast, simple, and cheap. You can also personalize each card with your own photos and messages.

AND guess what?   You can do it from your phone, tablet or computer.   AND – guess what again – the company prints, mails and sends it for you.  You can do it in less than five minutes, wearing PJ’s  and sitting on your couch.   See why we call it “Snail Mail on Steroids”.

You’ll thrill your family and friends with your heartfelt cards.  If you own a business – you will ‘blow the socks off’ your clients with your personal touch.  The most you will spend on one of these terrific cards (including printing, enveloping, postage and sending) is $2.75 plus postage (USD).  What a bargain!!

By the way – you can even include gifts with your cards.  There’s a wide variety of gifts to choose from.


Above are a few samples of cards I’ve have sent or received from folks using this system.   I,ve have sent hundreds of cards and received great feedback and also lavished it on others.  You will too.

Try it out.   I think you’ll love it.  Click here to put a smile on the face of someone you love.   You’ll get free access to the system to create your own card(s).  You can use your smartphone, tablet or computer – it’s up to you.

Here are a couple of links that explain why ‘snail mail’ is still so popular:

For anyone is business – read this article to find out why ‘snail mail’ is COO and electronic is DULL!

If you want to get brownie points with family, friends, or any other special folks in your life – check this link out

What’s the BEST EVER card or letter that you’ve found in your mailbox?   Please tell me your ‘snail mail’ story.  If you have any questions, let me know or ask them in comments below.  I’d love to hear from you.  If you share your snail mail address by a private email – I’ll even send you a special card!!

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