How Big is Your Life? Try this fun QUIZ

How Big is Your Life? Try this fun QUIZ

I confess – I get a real kick out of taking a short quiz!

What about you?

Last week my husband (who isn’t even a quiz lover) read a blog written by Dr. Brian Goldman. He was recommending a new online quiz to determine your risk factors for a heart attack or stroke. He pointed out that “the mission of the website is to engage people and organizations by providing meaningful health risk information.”

My husband took it first and was proud of his results.  Given his competitive nature he suggested I take it too.  I was in and clicked on the website link – bonus that it’s a Canadian site too!

I was impressed with the different quizzes available and took three of them.  I browsed around and saw they have more planned for the future.  I did the ‘Life Expectancy’, ‘Heart & Stroke’ and ‘Sodium’.  I learned that I should live to 90 and have a very low risk of heart attack and stroke.  As for SALT – my intake is below the average Canadian and I could reduce it more by using the salt shaker a bit less.  This time of year – I’m addicted to salt sprinkles on fresh picked mini cucumbers.  Good to know where I can improve!!

Click here or on the photo below.  It’s fun, fast and gives you some great feedback.  Could save you a trip to the doctor’s office too!

It seems the universe is making it clear to me that I need to be more proactive for my good health. A cover story in today’s newspaper is titled “Body Count” (for the numbers that matter most to stay healthy).  It’s short, simple and shares valuable info.  Twenty health experts from private practice and hospitals have given us the ‘skinny’ so we can create a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

Click here to check out this additional link and get your healthy glow on!!

So what did you learn on the quizzes?  Please share in the comments below.  What did you think of these resources?  Please pass this blog on to those you hold ‘near and dear’.  Everyone can benefit from these healthy tips.

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