Do you like ‘feel good’ stories.  Who doesn’t?

We all know that the news is filled with negative and even horrific stories.  It’s one thing to be up on current affairs.  It’s quite another to be be bombarded with bad news stories all the time.

Click here enjoy a short and sweet video for a ‘hit of happiness’ to lift your spirits.

Someone secretly filmed a good samaritan in an act of kindness.  BUT the story gets even better.  Take a peek at the video.  You’ll smile,  ’cause “it’s the right thing to do.”



Please share a ‘do the right thing’ samaritan story.  It could be how someone helped you.  It could be how you helped someone.  It could be how you saw someone help another.   Let’s pile on the ‘feel good’ stories.  I can hardly wait to read them.

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