Do you have a four-legged ‘BFF’ (Beast Friend Forever)?

Do you have a four-legged ‘BFF’ (Beast Friend Forever)?

Who was your very first BFF (translate Beast Friend Forever)?

Here’s mine – his name was Joker.   He was my ‘big brother’,  as my parents had him first and then they had me!  Aren’t we the cutest??

He was the start of my love affairs with animals, especially dogs!


As a grown-up,  horses and then cats became a part of my own adult ‘family’.  A day without an animal is like a day without sunshine in my life!!

When horses became part of my life I started to learn a lot more about veterinary medicine.  I researched and read about holistic/alternative health treatments for years. A couple of months ago my dog Morgan (assisted by me) wrote a blog about pet vaccinations .  I’ve been a student both for my own health and that of my pets and my friends for quite a few years.

If you’re reading this, I suspect you too are an animal lover too.  Like me, you want to do the very best for the loving creatures who fill your life with daily joy.  It’s a big responsibility AND it’s one of the most rewarding things we can do.

Not too long ago I heard about a fascinating ‘docu-series’ called “The Truth About Pet Cancer”.  It was live streamed for seven nights in a row, for an hour each evening.  What a TERRIFIC body of work.  I ended up purchasing the entire program for my ongoing reference.

I enthusiastically recommend it to YOU!  (NOTE – I am not affiliated with the company and receive no financial benefit).   The series is ‘chock-a-block’ full of tips and information to create GOOD HEALTH for our pets.  Over thirty experts share their advice and experiences with us.

Here’s the link where you can purchase the entire series.  Choose from three packages.  I chose the combined digital and print package with lots of bonuses.  It’s up to you.

If you’d like to check out the quality and style of the seriesclick here to view the first episode.  Size it up for yourself.  I know that I’ll be using the information for years and sharing it with animal lovers.  Just so you know, the physiology for animals and humans is the same.  So you’ll also learn a lot about your own good health concerns too.

If you’ve already seen the series – PLEASE share your comments below.  Whether you’ve seen it or not, if you have any questions – share those too.  I promise I’ll reply to you.  I’d also love to hear any stories that you have concerning your pets and health problems.  We’re all in this together as animal lovers.



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